Movement in the Workplace

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Humans are designed to move. Incorporating movement into your office design gives staff flexible and comfortable workspaces. This can lead to healthier productivity and happier employees. 




Venturer Technology believes in movement for the health and wellbeing of business and staff. Ergotron are world leaders in technology of movement and human-centered design. Ergotron promise – “To move you- physically, emotionally, and intellectually.” 


Ergotron furniture products are designed with comfort, function, and the human body in mind. Ideal ergonomic design will support the natural movement of the body and reduce stressors on joints, muscles & bones. Height adjustable chair and desk designs accommodate a diverse range of people. Ergotrons’ sit stand designs incorporate easy to use levers for positioning desks and chairs to comfortable heights for each user.




Comfortable ergonomic design also includes flexible monitor arms and curved screens to reduce eye and neck strain.  


Slim Dual Monitor Arms - 4  Slim Dual Monitor Arms - 1 Heavy Duty Dual Monitor Arm - 2


Create an office space that gives your employees freedom of movement and increase the health of your business.

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