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Successful delivery of IT services is important to all businesses. Efficient systems with up-to-date hardware and software make work life easier for staff and the bottom line. These things are not always so easy to achieve for many charities or not-for-profit organisations as they rely on donations and fundraising for their capital to be able to afford reliable IT Solutions.


Venturer Technology recently partnered with a charitable organisation that needed a large IT system overhaul and upgrade. Initially this charity was approved for grant funding based upon a quote from a consumer retail store. The quote only covered their hardware wish list of new desktops, laptops, videography, and training equipment. After discussions with the manager the ideal upgrade included improved internet speed, wi-fi connection throughout their centre and phone systems due to the location of their facility.




Having a better understanding of what this client truly needed we were able to source the hardware items for a significantly reduced cost compared to the original retail quote. This left funding in the grant to address the phone and internet issues that have been affecting the daily efficiency of their business. The organisation now can upgrade the connection issues without dipping into funds that are set aside for other purposes. We were also able to obtain software licenses through Microsoft Nonprofits to further reduce the ongoing costs of IT services.




Supplying a solution that helps every dollar deliver a little more greatly affects the work that charities can deliver. And it brings a smile to our face to achieve such a great outcome allowing the charity to focus on their important mission.


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